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200ml Bail Wire Candle  5 oz (3" x 3" x 3")

Approx. Burn Time ~ 20 Hours 

350ml Bail Wire Candle 10 oz (3"x 3" x 4")

Approx. Burn Time ~ 60 Hours

Made with all natural cocosoy wax blend and a wood wick for a crackling flame

All fragrance oils are Phthalate Free

Available Scents: 

Lavender + Lemongrass 

     Combining the Lavender & Lemongrass brings a clean, fresh and calming scent

Cuban Tobacco

     Notes of tabaco leaf and oriental spice provide a perfect foundation to combine with hints of fruity wine and spicy cinnamon, warm cloves, aromatic incense and earthy patchouli - this spicy and somewhat sweet fragrance is a little bit of heaven

Spring Morning

     A gentle breeze bringing you the morning spring scents of freesia blossoms combined with sweet juicy pears and woody notes

Oakmoss+Red Currant

     Sweet deep red currants and oakmoss blended for a delightful mix of earth, spice and citrus

Golden Woods

      A medley of woods, smoky and warm, captured by the sun’s evening rays. Enlivened with vibrant leather for a mysterious twist left lingering in the air

Stone Fruit + Oak

     Rich and juicy fruit that smells freshly picked straight from the orchard mixed with a mellow blend of white washed oak to form the perfect refreshing summer time scent.

Cinnamon Coffee

     The Warmth of Fresh Brewed Coffee Blended with a Touch of Cinnamon & Creamy Vanilla



Bail Wire CocoSoy Candle